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Portile de Fier Natural Park, whose southern limit is represented by the Danube river, includes 18 natural reservations, among which the most important is called “Cazanele Mari and Cazanele Mici”. Cazanele Mari is the most famous and the narrowest defile: here the Danube narrows to 150 m. Here, the Emperor Traian placed the legendary bridge built by Apollodor of Damascus. The bridge was built between 103 and 105, preceding the conquest of Dacia by the Roman army.

Many museums and monasteries can be visited in the area - Portile de Fier Region Museum, Ethnographic and Religious Museum of Eselnita, Ethnographic Museum of Gornea, Vodita Monastery (built in 1372), St. Ana Monastery, Berzasca Church (built in 1836) – a monument of architecture, the ruins of the Tri Kule Fortress, the ruins of the Grad Dacian Fortress, and the ruins of the Drencova Fortress.

Also, the PorĊ£ile de Fier I System is one of the largest water constructions of Europe and the largest on the Danube.