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The assembly, designed and built by Constantin Brancusi includes three monuments dedicated to the heroes who died in the First World War: Endless Column, Table of Silence and Kiss Gate. The three sculptural components are placed on the same axis, being 1275 m long. The assembly was inaugurated in October 1938.
  • Endless Column: It is 29.35m high and is composed of 15 cast iron modules that Brancusi used to call “beads”. Its original name was the “Endless Appreciation Column” and it was dedicated to the Romanian soldiers of the First World War who died in 1916 during the battles on the Jiu river bank.
  • Table of Silence: carved in chalk, it represents the meal before the confrontation with the battle that fighters are going to participate in.
  • Kiss Gate: represents the gate through which the passage to another life is made. The “Kiss motif” is encrusted on the gate’s pillars.