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Also known as the Oasului Depression, the Oasului Country is, in fact, a depression in the Oasului Mountains, in Satu Mare county. It is an absolutely miraculous area, combining traditional customs with modern discoveries. It is an area that fascinates not only due to the beauty of its landscapes but also to the hospitality of the local people. One must not cross the area without visiting the Oas Country Museum in the Negresti town, 50 km away from Satu Mare. The Museum gathers popular costumes specific to the area, ceramics, household objects and wood carvings. There are recreation areas locally renowned due to the thermal and mineral waters (the Poptileni, Certeze and Bixad mineral water).

The Mujdeni recreation area is 35 km away from Satu Mare on the road linking the Satu Mare municipality to the Negresti-Oas town. The Mujdeni recreation area was created around the artificial dam that was built here. On the dam bank a beautiful tourist complex was built, carrying the name of the Mujdeni area.

The Calinesti-Oas recreation area is in the north of the Calinesti lake, 12 km away from the Negresti-Oas town and approximately 40 km away from Satu Mare. The Calinesti dam is a barrier lake formed on the Tur river valley, which has become a great tourist attraction. The dam is a beautiful place for fishing lovers, as here they can fish pickerel, perch, pike perch and sheatfish.

The “B─âile Puturoasa” recreation area is 14 km away from Negresti-Oas. It is renowned for its sulfurous water sources, particularly recommended for rheumatoid disorders. Although it is called "Country", the term does not imply any political, social or administrative statute.