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  • Horezu Monastery: it is the largest assembly of medieval architecture preserved in Tara Romaneasca. It is the main foundation of the ruler Constantin Brancoveanu. The assembly includes several constructions, among which the church built between 1690 and 1693. It distinguishes by its ample porch, with arcades supported by ten stone columns, sculpted with Renaissance motifs. Due to its architectural uniqueness and to the paintings it shelters, the Horezu Monastery is in the patrimony of UNESCO.
  • Cozia Monastery: it was built in 1388 by one of the great rules of Tara Romaneasca, Mircea the Old. It was built, according to the legend, close to another monastery built by Negru Voda. The interior painting was performed between 1390 and 1391. In time, the monastery was repaired and rehabilitated several times by the rulers Neagoe Basarab and Constantin Brancoveanu. Between 1879 and 1893 the monastery was transformed into a prison, then into a hospital, and then into a stable.