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The largest resort of the Romanian seaside of the Black Sea, Mamaia, is located to the north of Constanta, 3 km away, between the beach and the Siutghiol lake. The resort benefits from one of the best beaches, covered with fine sand, being 7 km long and 100-200 m wide.
The resort has many hotels, entertainment places and water sports facilities.

 Eforie Nord

It’s the second resort in size of the Romanian seaside, being located 14 km away from Constanta. Near it there is the Techirghiol Lake which is known for the curative properties of its mud.  
The resort has a beach 3 km long and, on some portions, 100 m wide, and it benefits from hotels and villas. Here there is also a treatment center that operates all year long, being heated in winter.

 Eforie Sud

Having a smaller beach than its north “sister”, of just 2.5 km, Eforie Sud is close to the same Techirghiol lake, which determined the development of the resort mainly for its balneal tourism. The main attraction of the resort consists of the "Cold Baths" with mud, completely modernized, recommended in rheumatoid disorders.  


Originally a balneal resort, during these last decades Costinesti has become the resort of the summer holidays of the young. It is located 31 km away from Constanta and has hotels, villas and camping houses, as well as many recreation possibilities, the favorite ones being outdoors discotheques.   

 Neptun - Olimp

Located 6 km away from Mangalia, on the sand between the Comorova forest, the Neptun-Olimp resort is most visited by foreign tourists. In the resort there is also a Balneal Center, open all year long, where the Aslan therapy is practiced, recommended for the prevention of premature ageing.  


The Juiter resort is a true oasis of vegetation on the seaside. It has a 1 km long beach, with very fine sand. It has many hotels, but also a holiday village and a camping.


Located between Saturn and Cap Aurora, the Venus resort is near the Razelm lake, where you can practice canoeing. The hotels of the resort are located on the edge of the Aurora bay, but here there are also sulfurous mesothermal water treatment centers, mud baths and massage centers.  

The resort is near by the Mangalia city.
Besides the recreation possibilities on the seashore, the resort benefits from 21 sulfurous thermal sources recommended in the treatment of the digestive and rheumatoid disorders.  
 Vama Veche and 2 Mai

Ancient fishing areas at the border, Vama Veche and 2 Mai are the meeting place of tourists who want to flee from the fuss of resorts. During the last five year, in the Vama Veche village and the 2 Mai locality many modern villas and accommodation places have been built, but most of the tourists lodge in tents or in the rooms offered by the locals.
Off-shore the two villages there’s the marine seashore Aquatorium Reservation, where lives the largest colony of sea horses in the Romanian area of the Black Sea.
The Vama Veche village was created in 1811 by several Gagauz families and it used to be called Ilanlic. The locality of 2 Mai was created in 1887 by Mihail Kogalniceanu and it was composed of Russian families brought from Bucharest, Iasi and Galati. Later, Lipovans from Tulcea county and Romanian from Arges county were brought in the area.