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Orasul Medieval Sighisoara

Founded in 1191, Sighisoara is considered as the most beautiful and best preserved citadel of Transylvania. The bourg is known as the “Pearl of Transylvania” or the “Transylvanian Nürnberg”.
Sighisoara is included in the UNESCO patrimony, being considered the most beautiful medieval citadel of Europe. The first mention of the citadel dates back to 1280, with the name of “Castrum Sex”. Sighisoara is unique because it has been continuously inhabited since its foundation, in the 13th century, until the present days. 

The access to the old fortress is easy, from the center of the town, and you must climb several tens of steps. The highest tower of the fortress is the Clock Tower, which is 64m high and is embellished with baroque figurines. In 1899, inside the Tower was founded the History Museum, one of the oldest in the country. The other 8 towers that are preserved can also be visited. At origins, the guard walls had 14 towers.
Another attraction of the city is the Church on the Hill, whose construction started in 1300. It is the only evangelic church with old undercroft of Transylvania, inside which there are 60 graves. Inside the Church, one can admire a collection of altars brought from Germany and a collection of hope chests. In the Church, a fresco dating back to 1380 is preserved, representing the Holy Trinity.

The climax of tourism in the Sighisoara citadel is during summer, when the “Medieval Sighisoara” festival is organized for three days. The festival, which has already become tradition, as it is organized every 15 years, is a true fancy ball, as everybody there dress as knights and princesses.
The Sighisoara town is bound by road to Brasov (116 km - E60), to Tg. Mures (54 km - E60), to Sibiu (90 km - E14). Also, it is accessible by railway on the main line Bucharest-Brasov-Cluj Napoca-Oradea.